Extra virgin olive oil​

This is the highest category, which we obtain from the olive fruit exclusively through mechanical processes without further processing.

Toleo Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This early harvest extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the Halkidiki and Galano olive. The best green olives are only processed to this unique quality from selected olive groves in the Metaggitsi region. This produces an olive oil with an extraordinarily low acidity of no more than 0.3%.

Golden yellow with slight green reflections, mildly fruity in taste, slightly bitter and yet pungent in the finish - these are the signs of the best quality!


Our olive oil has all the requirements for quality class "Ultra Premium"


Olive varieties: Galano

Taste: medium fruity, slightly bitter, medium hot

Acidity: below 0.3%
Harvest time: September / October
Harvesting Method: Hand Harvest
Production: Cold extracted below 27 °C
Origin: Metaggitsi Halkidiki
Content: 5l, 3l, 1l, 750ml, 500ml
Storage: cool and dark at max. 25 °C
Shelf life: up to 18 months