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The region

Halkidiki is located in the northern part of Greece and is often known as the Peninsula
Greece with the three fingers.

What you will see on the peninsula is so changeable and fascinating that Halkidiki has to
experience for everyone. A natural beauty from all sides. Different landscapes, whether mountain,
Forests, beaches or small islands everything is close to each other.

Halkidiki is also a place with a rich production of agricultural products, with
developed cattle breeding, cheese making, viticulture, beekeeping, but also fishing.

The products that Halkidiki produces are:
Olives and olive oil, honey, cheese, viticulture and tsipouro, fish and shellfish, meat, herbs, vegetables, cereals, pastries and pasta.

However, 80% of the population deals with the cultivation and the products of the olives.
Olive cultivation in Halkidiki covers an area of about 360,000 hectares with 6 million
olive trees. It covers about a third of the prefecture's growing area.
Annual production is estimated at 120,000 tons of olives, 80% of which goes to 45 countries
exported, while oil production is estimated at 7,000 tons.

The village of Metaggitsi , is located at the northernmost point of the middle (second) finger of Sithonia
and is a small village with about 800 inhabitants. Due to its traditional architecture, it is considered one of the
traditional villages in Halkidiki.
"Tradition" is capitalized among the residents of Metaggitsi. Metaggitsi is known for
its very good traditional tavernas with tasty traditional food and for its
high-quality olive oil that attracts many visitors. Most of the residents are busy
for generations with its native olive variety "Galani" which is generally used for olive oil production
is used. Because of this, Metaggitsi is also called the olive oil village in Halkidiki.

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