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Bienenpatenschaft in Chalkidiki Griechenland

Become a sponsor of your own olive tree now

What does sponsorship mean?

A sponsorship is the voluntary assumption of a duty of care.

With the adoption of an olive tree sponsorship, the care and protection of one of our
existing olive trees are financially supported.

Our olive trees are cared for in a natural way, without chemical pesticides,
Fertilizers and other things that make the work of cultivation (care) and harvesting all the more difficult. Through
this way, we have a lower yield of olive oil, but more qualitative and closer to what the
Nature has bestowed on us, without the effects of chemicals or anything else that once existed anymore
deal damage.

One of these trees can now be under your protection. Because only a healthy olive tree gives
us healthy fruits and therefore also the best olive oil.

As a sponsor of an olive tree on our olive groves, you will receive the following:


  • Our first produced extra virgin olive oil (Agoureleo) of the year, immediately after the harvest.
    A box comes to your home with 10x 500ml TINs.

  • Your olive tree will get a name tag with your desired name.

  • Pictures/videos about the development, harvest, care of your godfather tree.

  • A sponsorship certificate

Olive tree - sponsorship with 10 x 500ml TINs olive oil

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