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Filling for our 25 grape leaves


- 110gr rice Karolina 110gr (per grape leaf approx. 4.4gr)

- Herbs: dill, parsley, mint (Quantity: approx. a handful)

- 1 small tomato or a large half - ½ onion

- 4 fresh onions and leaves

- Olive oil (e.g. our Toleo Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

- ½ lemon - Salt - Pepper



Put all the ingredients together in a bowl!

1. Wash the rice well in a sieve until the water becomes clear. Then put the well-washed rice in a bowl.

2. We take the juice out of half the lemon and pour the lemon juice over the rice. Then stir the whole thing so that the lemon juice is well mixed with the rice. We do this so that the rice still remains grainy after cooking.

3. Grate the tomato coarsely and add it.

4. Chop half the onion finely or grate it coarsely and add it.

5. Salt and pepper to taste. Tolerates a lot of salt and pepper.

6. Chop the fresh onions with the leaves into small pieces and add them.

7. Finely chop all herbs and add them.

8. Pour in plenty of olive oil.

9. Mix/stir the bowl with all the ingredients well.

10. Finally you can taste the mixture to see whether you need more salt or pepper.

My filling is ready!

Ready-made Toleo grape leaves

fill and wrap



1. Take the 25 grape leaves out of the glass.

2. Open/roll up all sheets.

3. Take a small saucepan and cover the bottom of the saucepan with a few grape leaves.

4. Take the grape leaves individually and place the shiny or smooth side of the grape leaf on your bench/table. You should now see the rough side of the grape leaf.

5. Depending on the size of the grape leaves, place about a good teaspoon of the filling on the grape leaf in the middle and at the bottom on the broad side of the leaf where the leaf branch begins. The sides of the sheet on the right and left must be free without filling.

6. Make a turn/roll with the sheet to wrap the filling until you can no longer see the filling.

7. Then fold the right and left sides so that the filling doesn't run out.

8. Now roll the entire thing to the end of the sheet. Don't roll too tightly.

9. Place the finished roll in your cooking pot.

10. The same process with all the grape leaves.

11. All rolls must sit close to each other in the pot (tightly/narrowly next to each other so that they cannot move) until the row is full so that you can start with the next row (tier). Place the highest 2 to 3 rows.

12. Finally, pour plenty of olive oil over it again.

13. Place something heavy, such as a plate, upside down on the rolls and fill with water until the rolls are lightly covered. You can put something heavy on the plate so that the rolls don't float up or away.

14. On high heat until the water starts to boil. As soon as the water boils, turn it down to low and let it boil gently for 25 minutes.

15. Leave the pot to stand for 15-20 minutes after cooking.


Complete! Bon appetit !

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